17 08 2020

Made with a Graflex Speed Graphic Pacemaker camera and a Schneider Kreuznach Symmar 210 mm lens f: 5,6 lens, directly exposing 9 x 12 cm RA4 photographic color paper.


23 05 2020

This is a portrait of my Hermannn-Josef Mackenstein 13 x 18 cenitmeters camera with a Londe & Dessoudiex lens.

Rose Bush

14 06 2019

Trying out my ‘new’ Kodak Ektachrome duplicating film and E-6 chemicals. The photograph was made by exposing 6×6 cm film using a Hasselblad camera with a Distagon 50 mm lens.


28 04 2019

An exhibition of my work in a showcase at ‘Onterfd Goed’ in Eindhoven / the Netherlands, from the 1st until the 29th of may 2019.

Glass Lamp Cover with Shell, Jar and Physalis

24 01 2019

The start of my still life photography. The photograph was made with a Burke & James Press camera and an Ilex Paragon Anastigmat 5,5 inch f:4,5 lens. A direct exposure on to 9×12 cm black and white photographic paper with a digital color overlay.

Kont #2, 2018

27 11 2018

KONT is the winner of the ‘EINDHOVEN CULTUURPRIJS 2018’. Kont is an annual artmagazine and they are working on issue number 3 currently. I was a ‘maker’ in issue #2 2018 with my series ‘ORPHAN PARAPHERNALIA’.

The Green Beech

04 09 2018

Oirschot, the Netherlands – 51°29’03.1″N 5°22’57.9″E . Exposure on to 60 x 60 mm color film using a Hasselblad 500 c camera.

Beyond the Scene

01 09 2018

A photograph of a still life setup. Made with a Polaroid 110 camera.