The picture above is of my studio when I was building it, back in 2006. It now is a great place to work in, equipped and with as much daylight as possible. Here I work and create my images, using mainly old analog cameras and lenses. Shooting on film or either directly expose photographic paper, in black and white or color. I digitize these images by scanning them, this gives me the possibility to work on my images. Creating nuance, layer upon layer, expressively adding color or very precise enhancing a detail.

"Michel van Weegberg's feature, 'Still Lifes', captures a combination of articles that he finds and co-ordinates into a pleasing combination. As one looks at the photos the different parts of each may not be entirely recognizable objects, but as a whole, each picture is beautiful. Michel van Weegberg says: "It is the beauty of objects and their souls that make me want to create a still life". And it is their 'beauty' that keeps us looking at them."
Sandra Djak Kovacs in 'Adore Chroma' issue #6 2015

"Through the years we’ve had many successful and gratifying collaborations with MvW. Michel brings a surprising eye for detail for both concept and execution to the table. His craftsmanship is uncanny."

"The Eindhoven based artist Michel van Weegberg, who creates little still lifes out of things that appear to be coming out of a junk barn, surprises with his combination of nostalgia and state of the art technique."
Anneke van Wolfswinkel in the newspaper 'Eindhovens Dagblad' 20 April 2015

"Michel van Weegberg proves to have a keen eye for strong compositional structure and has developed a unique and compelling aesthetic language entirely of his own. In my professional opinion he is an artist deserving of serious attention."
Annie Fletcher, chief curator 'Van Abbemuseum'